Windows Phones

Windows phones offer a nice middle ground between the Apple iPhones and the Android market. These phones are generally fast, have excellent displays, and are fairly easy to use. If you have a computer at home running Windows 8, you'll find the transition over to these phones even easier. Those of you that don't may find yourself going through a little bit of a learning curve while you adjust to their operating system.

The biggest problem with Windows phones is that they are relatively new. This means their App Store is somewhat lacking compared to Android and Apple devices. In fact, when developers are designing their programs, Windows phones are almost seen as an afterthought at this point. So while Android and Apple devices are getting some of the latest and best apps currently being made, Windows phones will have to wait for those developers to get around to it. You can still access some of the biggest apps like Facebook and Twitter on Windows, but the new, innovative apps may not be available yet.

Other than the app market, these phones are pretty good. The technology inside is all state of the art, meaning you get a quick, responsive interface with a great display. Everything will run smoothly and you'll be able to play games, watch movies, or listen to music on your device. The price of these phones are comparable to Android devices, depending on which models you are looking at. What it comes down to is if you like Windows products and are comfortable with them, you should consider getting a Windows phone. Otherwise the learning curve is not really worth it, and you may be better off getting an Android or Apple device.