Capped Contracts Guide

We've all been there. We sign up for a mobile contract and are told how much data usage we get per month. Then we go about our lives and don't really check in on how much data we are actually using. Or maybe we have a young teenage on our plan who goes well above what their limit is. Before you know it, your mobile bill arrives and you are hit with a ton of overage charges. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? When you are trying to save money on a mobile contract, you may want to consider a capped contract.

What Are Capped Contracts? - Simply put, capped contracts stop you from going over your allotted data limit. When you reach your limit, your data will shut off for the remainder of the month so that it is physically impossible for you to go over. This is perfect when you have a kid on your plan who can't be bothered to check how much data they've used, or if you are someone who is just too busy to keep track of it all the time. By getting a capped contract, you won't have to worry about getting hit with fees every time you open up your cell phone bill.

Where Can I Get A Capped Contract? - Unfortunately, not too many companies are offering capped contracts. This is because capped contracts are designed to save you money, which is something that doesn't really benefit mobile companies. In fact, most mobile companies want you to go over your limit so that they can make money from the fees. The only company we know of that advertises capped contracts is Tesco Mobiles. There may be some other companies out there that have capped contracts, but normally those deals will work to the benefit of the mobile company, and not to you.

If you are one of those people who is tired of seeing the overage fees each month on your bill, start looking into capped contracts. Talk to your current mobile provider and see what kind of deal they can offer you. If you do not currently have a plan but want to avoid this situation to begin with, search around for different mobile providers and see what you can find. Each company is different and will have different policies regarding capped contracts.